Joachim And Anna

Many people don't know that the oldsters of Mary were Joachim and Anna, who were about seventy years old once they conceived Mary .

They were rich people with property in Nazareth.

They were devout and generous. within the house in Nazareth where Mary lived, there's a spring whose water is nice – sweet and delicate because the Virgin. 

The locals in Nazareth will tell you where this home is . 

The Virgin was the sole child of Joachim and Anna, who brought her to the Temple when she was about three years old. Mary was like Anna, the mother of Samuel, therein she, like her, offered her son to the Temple. 

Her own mother was called Anna and offered her daughter to the Temple. 

Joachim and Anna died when Mary was about ten years old. that's why she visited the house of her cousin Elizabeth to inform her the good news of the Annunciation – being an orphan, she had no closer relation than Elizabeth. 

Joachim and Anna brought Mary to the Temple to be educated when she was about three years old. 

The High Priest Zechariah took her hand, and she or he abandoning of her mother Anna’s hand and checked out the 2 rows of virgins who were holding candles for her.

The Feast of the doorway of the Mother of God into the Temple is moving and delightful . 

To be educated within the Temple was an excellent honour, for the education given there was of a really high level. 

Mary learned the Scriptures and the way to stitch clothes, and doubtless the way to speak Greek. 

For when, after the Resurrection of Christ, she landed on Athos with a gaggle of individuals , she spoke in Greek to the pagans there.