Since the autumn a mighty war has been waged between good and evil.

The devil tries to destroy the harmony of God’s creation, and man constantly has got to distinguish between that which is of God which which is of the devil. 

After the flood of Noah God revealed the rainbow, which reminds us of God’s promise that He will nevermore destroy the planet through water. 

But there'll be a judgement of fireside . 

The destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah by fire was a warning and prefiguring of the judgement of fireside at the top of the planet . 

After the autumn , man lost the Holy Ghost in his soul and body. 

He didn't recover it again until the approaching of Christ, Who, being God Himself, breathed the Holy Ghost into the souls of His disciples on the day of his Resurrection. 

Each folks receives the Holy Ghost again through Holy Baptism. 

Sample text. Click In the Old Testament , the prophets received their prophecies “through the Holy Spirit”, as we are saying within the Creed. that they had visions from outside themselves. 

However, the Christian after Baptism can receive visions and prophecies from within himself, since the Holy Ghost is now within him. because the Lord said:

 “The Kingdom of God [another name for the Holy Spirit] is within you”.

And so within the Old Testament God was above or outside us. 

But when God became man He was with us.

And since Pentecost and therefore the descent of the Holy Ghost into Christians at Holy Baptism, he's in us.